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Defne Kaymakamlik

Defne, Turkiye

Project Brief

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14,000 Litre Water Tank Bundle x 2
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Emergency Water Supply, Potable Water Systems
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Ready to Use in 1 Day
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This case study examines the swift installation of our 14R Bundle in Defne Kaymakamlik following a devastating earthquake that struck Turkey on February 6, 2023. The earthquake severely damaged the region's infrastructure, resulting in a water shortage and posing a significant risk to the affected population. To address this pressing need, we collaborated with one well-trained volunteer to install the tank. Remarkably, the tank was fully installed in just one day, making it ready for use the following day. In this case, our 14R Bundle showcases its effectiveness in emergency situations, where it can be utilized to ensure the provision of water during disasters.


In this case, the 14R Bundle offers immediate access to clean water for communities in areas where the water distribution network is damaged. In this specific scenario, the municipality's water tank, with a 30-tonne capacity, which was providing water to the neighborhood, was damaged during one of the major aftershocks following the earthquake. Deploy promptly installed two tanks the very next day after the major aftershock. These tanks are filled with pre-treated water, reducing health risks and ensuring that the affected communities have access to safe drinking water.

Installation Challenges

1. This tank was installed by one Deploy volunteer alone.

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