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Drinking Water

Potable Water Systems Case Studies

Deploy's tank is specifically designed to reach places that are difficult to access, providing a cost-effective and efficient way to purify water without relying on extensive infrastructure.

Case Studies

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Suitable for Potable Water Systems

Access to clean water is a fundamental human right, yet millions of people around the world still lack access to potable water due to remote locations and limited infrastructure. In response to this pressing global issue, Deploy's tank is also suitable for potable water systems. Designed to reach the most challenging and hard-to-reach places, our tank aims to make clean water accessible to rural areas all over the world.

1. Ecuador Rural Communities Case Study

In 2021, Deploy made a commitment to two communities in Ecuador to assist them in implementing Drinking Water Infrastructure, as the residents had never had access to potable water. Additionally, they faced challenges with water storage due to the high costs involved.

Potable Water Systems

Flor y Selva Community

By installing three 14,000 Litre Water Tank Bundles, Deploy kickstarted the construction of the first drinking water system for this community. First, these tanks will help to store the water coming from a nearby stream. Later in the construction, these tanks will be used to distribute treated clean water into the households of the community. 

Potable Water Systems

23 de Noviembre Community

In the ascending point of the Los Andes mountain range where the coast meets the highlands this beautiful community is located. They currently have a modest but functional water treatment plant that includes sedimentation, filtration, chlorination and storage. Since the community continues to grow more storage tanks are needed.

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