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Paul Mendieta
Paul Mendieta

MSc. & MA Innovation Design Engineering

BSc. Civil Engineering


Excellence and Professionalism

Disrupting the industry of water storage.

Deploy team has three generations of experience in water-related infrastructure, including COO Civil Engineer Marcelo Mendieta, with over 33 years of experience in potable water and sanitation systems.



Furthermore, he has focused his area of expertise on rural communities in Ecuador. CEO MSc, MA, BSc Paul Mendieta, is a trained engineer, his work with Ecuadorian public companies as Project Manager, Project Supervisor, and Design Engineer has contributed to the development of more than 70 infrastructure projects since 2014.

This project was born after interacting with more than 175 communities in Ecuador and analysing their water-related issues, we found that water storage is an essential component for any water supply system. At the same time, it is the most expensive feature of the system due to its magnitude.


Our mission as a family started by committing to help rural communities around the world have easier access to safe drinking water. Now, we have expanded our commitment to agriculture and decreasing the detrimental impacts of wildfires.


Empower the rural sector in the management of their water resources with innovative infrastructure solutions to create social and sustainable impacts.

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We leveraged our relationship with an extraordinary UK company Concrete Canvas Ltd to develop this water storage unit that could address some of the main issues seen in the field. They manufacture a composite material denominated Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCMs), in other words, “concrete-filled fabric”. Deploy Tech Ltd uses Concrete Canvas Hydro (CC Hydro    ), which incorporates a PVC geomembrane as an extra layer to provide impermeable properties to the product, making it perfect for water storage.




Currently, we have patent-pending technology that is protecting the Intellectual Property developed by Deploy Tech Ltd.

Also, we are using the best materials available, including Concrete Canvas Hydro (CC  HydroTM) 6mm thick sheet. This material has 8 different certifications; amongst these, we can find an Age Certification of over 50 years, and a Fire Certification for secondary containment of above-ground flammable and combustible liquid tanks.



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