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Our achievements.

Deploy has managed to raise over £1 million since it was incorporated in June 2020. Early on, the company received financial support from InnovationRCA and Concrete Canvas Group Ltd.

Deploy received investment in the Pre-Seed investment Round from The Development Bank of Wales and SFC Capital. Grant funding is also part of the equation from the Welsh Government, SmartCymru Grant Programme and from Innovate UK - Smart Grant Programme as well.

Deploy has equally been awarded with prize money from several competitions including the
VCC Competition from Imperial College London, Young Innovators Award from Innovate UK, Santander X Entrepreneurship Awards and Santander X Global Awards from Santander Bank, and the Greenhouse Programme Funding from the Centre for Climate Change Innovation at Imperial College London.

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Our team.

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Co-Founder & CEO

Beren KAYALI (MSc. MA. BSc.)
Co-Founder & CTO

Paul leads Deploy’s business strategy, commercial operations and fund raising activities. He is currently involved as well in product development and manufacturing.

The company encompasses his family legacy and engineering expertise. 

Beren leads the development of products and manages the manufacturing team and the R&D team. 

She successfully implemented a manufacturing line for Deploy 14R (Rural applications) series.

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Tony has been successfully creating awareness and business opportunities for our entry to market products the Deploy 14R and Easy Slabs.

He currently works as a mentor to a group of Agri-tech businesses, with a specialism in drip irrigation control systems. He worked for GE with outstanding achievements and scaled many businesses successfully.

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Jakub KRAKOWSKI (MSc. BEng.)
Mechanical Engineer

Jakub is in charge of developing an efficient manufacturing process for our water storage units, including our R Series, D Series, and F Series. Currently, he is also responsible for the production line and quality control.

“My goal is to optimise current processes for the best efficiency and production flow as well as implement control systems to automate the entire line.”

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Ben CURTIS (MEng.)
Manufacturing Engineer

Since joining in June 2022, Ben has had a large contribution balancing between the R&D team and the manufacturing team.

His main responsibility is the design and implementation of the assembly line for our Easy Slabs.

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Daniel WEBB (MEng.)
Lead Consultant

Daniel has been leading the R&D team since early 2021. Together with him, Deploy set-up the first crane system, unwinding machine, designed and implemented fixtures and gigs at low cost.

Daniel brings his expertise in design and manufacturing processes with composite materials.

Our supporters.

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