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This is our fight

We are making the implementation of water storage as convenient as never before. In the water management sector including drinking water, agriculture, fire mitigation and others the better use and adequate management of water resources are key to address the climate change challenges that the UK and the rest of the world are facing. When implementing projects, the costs, timeframes, expertise, planning, and logistics issues are a huge factor to consider. DEPLOY  is here to put an end to these challenges thanks to our innovative technology in water storage tanks.

With our streamlined and efficient installation process, you can quickly and easily implement the water infrastructure you need to support your operations. Let us help you improve your water management and achieve your goals with our cutting-edge solutions and expert team.


Something big, something invisible

Through our evaluation of over 175 water systems, we discovered a little-known pain point in the industry: medium-sized water tanks (ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 litres) can be difficult and burdensome to manage. From preparation and transportation to installation and maintenance, these tanks often cause headaches for those responsible for water management.

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Why us?

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We are innovative

Deploy is the first-ever air-deployed, ready-to-use water tank, manufactured with a concrete-filled fabric, that ensures a durable, resistant, and reliable product.

We do it better than conventional concrete solutions by providing an affordable and more sustainable option, but at the same time delivering a product designed for easy transportation and maintenance.

And we are not alone

Deploy has managed to raise over £1 million since it was incorporated in June 2020. Deploy is currently backed by several institutions such as the Welsh government and has won many competitions, such as the Santander X Entrepreneurship Awards.

Deploy Tech has been awarded Financial Support to fully develop a water supply solution.

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We are experts

We have over 50 years of combined heritage in water infrastructure technology, spanning over 3 generations of engineers, designers and makers sharing the same vision.  

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