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Livestock Feeding Case Studies

Deploy's tank is an innovative water storage solution, designed to revolutionize livestock feeding by addressing water scarcity challenges and empowering farmers with a sustainable water management system.

Case Studies

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Efficient, High Capacity

The Rapid Water Tank Bundle can be utilized for farms for Livestock Feeding, Water Storage, and Waste Management, supporting efficient and sustainable feeding practices for livestock. Our water storage tank is designed for ease of installation and maintenance. Its user-friendly features make it accessible to farmers of all scales, enabling them to set up and manage the system without extensive technical expertise. This simplicity ensures a seamless integration into existing livestock feeding practices and other water-related activities in farms.

Livestock Feeding

Glan Ochran Farm

Glan Ochran Farm is part of the Yeo Valley farming enterprise located in the beautiful countryside of Abergavenny, Wales, UK. At Glan Ochran Farm, a sustainable and regenerative farm, recognized the need for a large capacity tank to support their everyday activities as part of their ongoing attempts to optimise their operations and improve their sustainable practises.

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