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Case Studies

Wide Range of Applications for Variety Scenarios

Deploy's Tank Applications

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Glasses of Water

Potable Water

Access to clean water is a fundamental human right, yet millions of people around the world still lack access to potable water due to remote locations and limited infrastructure. In response to this pressing global issue, Deploy's tank is also suitable for potable water systems. Designed to reach the most challenging and hard-to-reach places, our tank aims to make clean water accessible to rural areas all over the world.


Deploy's tank presents an ideal solution for those seeking to optimize their sprinkler system's performance by providing a reliable Water Storage solution. Designed to ensure a continuous water supply for efficient irrigation, this innovative bundle combines convenience and functionality seamlessly. 

Garden Hose Sprinkler
Corner of a Roof Gutter


Deploy's Tank can be utilized for rainwater harvesting, which allows homeowners and businesses to collect rainwater for Irrigation, Feeding Livestock, Laundry, and other Non-Potable Water applications, resulting in cost savings and improved water management. Deploy provides an effective solution for sustainable water management.


Deploy's Tank can be utilized for farms for Livestock Feeding, Water Storage, and Waste Management, supporting efficient and sustainable feeding practices for livestock. Our water storage tank is designed for ease of installation and maintenance. Its user-friendly features make it accessible to farmers of all scales, enabling them to set up and manage the system without extensive technical expertise.

Calves & Cow in Pasture
Flood in settlements


When responding to disaster relief, Deploy's Tank can be transported and deployed efficiently using sea and air freight to affected areas. It can be installed in a single day with only two people.  It is suitable for Emergency Water Supply, Potable Water Systems and Temporary Sewerage Collection that provide people with temporary water storage units, safe drinking water, and sanitation.

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