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The Rapid Water Tank Bundle

Agricultural and commercial 14,000 litre water storage tank

Meet the Rapid Water Tank Bundle

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14,000 litre capacity
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The 14R water tank is DEPLOY's market-entry product, with 3 years of development. The 14R is purpose-fit for rural environments, specially designed for agricultural use including livestock watering.

Why choose the DEPLOY rapid water tank bundle


Deployed and operational within 24-hours

Our experienced installation staff will unload, deploy and conduct the two-step installation process.


Paired with the recommended Insta-Slab concrete base, your water tank will be operational within 24 hours.

Rigid concrete structure with minimal maintenance

The water tank is inflated via an electronic air pump within 3 minutes, fully hydrated, and cures within 24 hours.

Post-installation we provide all necessary manuals for prolonged maintenance and operation.

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Packs onto an industrial 2m x 1m pallet

Product transportation is minimal and efficient, with a combined water tank and Insta-Slab bundle weight of 447kg delivered utilising a 2m x 1m pallet.

Designed for multiple applications

The DEPLOY 14R water tank is purpose designed for multiple applications, including irrigation, livestock watering and oil and slurry storage.

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Require more information?

Enquire for more information or order your rapid water tank bundle by contacting our team of experts.


Easy maintenance


FREE Mainland UK Company Installation

Installed and operational within 24 hours

20-year 14R water tank lifespan

Manufactured in the UK


Suitable for Water, Oil and Slurry storage


Company-installed by our team of experts

We set it up!


Step 1


Concrete Canvas Insta-Slab base laying, pegging and hydration.

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Step 2

14R Water Tank

14R water tank positioning, inflation and hydration.

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Step 3


24-hour 14R water tank and Insta-Slab curing and final lid structural assembly.

The DEPLOY Rapid Water Tank Bundle

Deployed and operational within 24 hours. 

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