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14.000L at your disposal


The product.



The site installation process shows the revolutionary nature of Deploy with the prefabricated tank being spread out and a small but powerful compressor connected to one of the PVC-U outlets: inflating it effortlessly in just 3 minutes.

Water is then sprayed on the concrete impregnated canvas walls which will cure within
24 hours.

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As the water industry’s first ever foldable concrete tank, the 14,000L capacity Deploy 14R is conveniently packed onto a 2x1m pallet and weather protected for ease of shipment to the most remote or difficult locations; by van or small truck.

under 400 kg, a drone or helicopter could be considered for sites inaccessible by road.


Unloading will be undertaken by our experienced technicians and is normally done using a forklift, tele-handler or similar machine. Concrete construction has never seemed so straightforward.

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The installation.

We work with you every step of the way.
We are not a water tank company – we are a water management company. 


Level the ground and add a 5 cm sand bed.

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You don’t have to worry about how to unload the tank from the delivery vehicle. We take care of that for you. We will need an electricity plug nearby to connect our equipment. We can bring our own generator if needed.


Once the tank’s crate is on the installation site, our personnel will begin installation.

Day 1

We will start with the concrete base. It will be aligned and hydrated. This work will take 30 minutes.

The tank will then be inflated in
3 minutes. After inflation, we will hydrate the tank, which will take around 1h30.

Day 2

On the second day, our team will come to make sure that the tank has been cured properly and to install the lid support structure. This will take 2h. The tank will be fully functional at this point.



You will receive a manual that includes all the information needed for using the tank and FAQs.

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The applications.

The 14R model offers an ideal solution to small-scale irrigation systems.

1. Fruits, vegetables & flowers

From strawberries to runner beans, pumpkins and potatoes, the demand for organic fruit and vegetables is on the rise. The 14R model can supply enough water for approximately 20 days for a surface of 1,000 square meters of strawberry crop.

The most popular herbs are basil, mint, coriander and dill which are relatively easy to grow. Perfect plants suited to your smallholding! The 14R model can supply enough water for approximately 24 days for 1,000 plants of basil.

From cut to dried flowers, bulbs and bushes, or any type seasonal range of flowers. If you are supplying florists, garden centres and even showcase them at local markets and agricultural shows. The 14R model can supply enough water for approximately 90 days for 1,000 small perennials.


2. Feeding livestock



56.000 to 280.000 Broilers (aged from 1 to 4 weeks) per day.

29.787 to 40.580 Broilers (aged from 5 to 8 weeks) per day.

77.778 to 466.667 Pullets per day.



280 Cows with calf per day.

389 to 583 Yearlings per day.



609 to 778 Lactating sows per day.

1.440 to 4.667 Fattening pigs per day.

4.667 to 14.000 Weaners per day.



1.333 to 1.556 Ewes with lamb per day.

2.154 to 3.500 Pregnant ewes or rams per day.

3. Sport fields sprinkler system

The preferred field size for many professional teams’ stadiums is 105x68m (115×74 yd) with an area of 7,140 square meters. You would need 2 Deploy 14R tanks to irrigate the whole area once.

If you are unsure whether the 14R model is right for you, get in touch with us and we will help you assess your current and potential future needs in terms of water management. 

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