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Beylikduzu Belediyesi

Hatay, Turkiye

Project Brief

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14,000 Litre Water Tank Bundle
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Emergency Water Supply, Potable Water Systems
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Ready to Use in 1 Day
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This case study examines the rapid installation of our 14R Bundle in Beylikduzu Belediyesi after a devastating earthquake struck Turkey on February 6, 2023, which has a capacity of more than 600 tents. The earthquake severely damaged the region's infrastructure, causing a water shortage and posing a significant risk to the affected population. To address this urgent situation, Deploy’s tank was installed within a single day by one well-trained volunteer and was ready to use the next day. In this case, our 14R Bundle demonstrates the effectiveness of our 14R Bundle in emergency situations, where it can be utilized to ensure the provision of water during disasters.


During the aftermath of the disaster, the significance of the 14R Bundle as an indispensable asset became strikingly evident. Acting as a crucial link in the distribution of both potable and non-potable water, its ability to connect many smaller tanks and its strategically positioned infrastructure set the stage for an incredibly efficient and comprehensive delivery system. The 14R Bundle played an absolutely critical role in relieving the enormous obstacles faced during the challenging post-disaster period by ensuring the availability of important water resources to a varied variety of affected populations.

Installation Challenges

1. This tank was done by one Deploy volunteer alone.

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