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23 de Noviembre Community

Naranjal, Ecuador

Project Brief

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14,000 Litre Water Tank Bundle
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Water Storage, Potable Water
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In the ascending point of the Los Andes mountain range where the coast meets the highlands this beautiful community is located. They currently have a modest but functional water treatment plant that includes sedimentation, filtration, chlorination and storage. Since the community continues to grow more storage tanks are needed. Therefore, by installing one 14,000 Litre Water Tank Bundle, Deploy will address their water storage needs, resulting in significant improvements in the residents' lives through the provision of extra storage for clean drinking water, enhancing their current water treatment plant.


The Deploy 14R will be utilised to store clean drinking water and distribute it to the households of the community members. 150 families will benefit from this project.

Installation Challenges

1. The water treatment facility's mountainside location presents significant access challenges. The nearest road is a considerable 3 miles from the plant. The only way to reach the site from this road is via a narrow footpath, which, in some areas, is less than 1 meter wide.

2. The challenges are further intensified by the region's humid and rainy climate. Coupled with the steep terrain, this makes the water treatment plant one of the most challenging sites our team has ever encountered.

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