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Deploy is the first-ever air-deployed,

ready-to-use water tank,

manufactured with a concrete-filled fabric, that ensures a durable, resistant, and reliable product.

We do it better than conventional concrete solutions by providing an affordable and more sustainable option, but at the same time delivering a product designed for easy transportation and maintenance.

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We aim to help rural communities in developing countries around the world easier access to water storage infrastructure. This piece of infrastructure was designed for those who are defenseless and yet cannot access life’s most basic need.



On the other hand, in the last couple of years, we have been witnessing massive and terrible wildfires that have been taking place all over the world, which has pushed countries to take action. Therefore, we want also to contribute and support this movement of providing water storage units for fire mitigation programmes to decrease the detrimental impacts of fires.



Each year, more than 4 billion tonnes of cement are produced, accounting for around 8% of global CO2 emissions. In context, if cement would be a country, it would be the third-biggest polluter in the world after China and the USA.


Deploy is tackling this issue by reducing material emissions, transportation emissions and required water volume.



This project was born after interacting with more than 175 communities in Ecuador and analysing their water-related issues; we found that water storage is an essential component for any water supply system. At the same time, it is the most expensive and labour intensive feature of the system due to its size and amount of materials needed.




of combined heritage

in water infrastructure

Members of our company have been developing water infrastructure

technology since 1969.

Father & Grandfather Mendietas
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Deploy Tech is supported by Welsh Government by an award called SMARTCymru for Experimental Development of our product. 

Deploy Tech has been awarded Financial Support to fully develop a water supply solution, which can be deployed in a folded state and can easily be deployed by air inflation. 

*The European Regional Development Fund provides the funding for the SMARTCymru project. SMARTCymru supports Welsh businesses to develop, implement and commercialise new products, processes and services for sustainable growth.