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Water Tank Bundle Case Studies

Anywhere, Anytime

Earthquake Case Studies

Versatile. Rapid. Anywhere

When responding to earthquake emergencies, 14R Bundle can be efficiently transported and deployed via crafts and efficiently using air freight to affected areas. It can be installed in one day with only two people.  It can be used in the Emergency Water Supply, Potable Water System, and Sewerage Collection System, which provide people with temporary water storage units, safe drinking water, and sanitation.

Rainwater Harvesting Case Studies

Eco-friendly. Cost-effective

14R Bundle can be utilized for rainwater harvesting, which allows homeowners and businesses to collect rainwater for Irrigation, Laundry, and other Non-Potable Waterresulting in cost savings and improved water management. We are providing an effective solution for sustainable water management.

Blaengors Farm, located in Lampeter, Wales, UK with sporadic rainfall patterns, sought a sustainable water solution to supplement their existing water sources. On the first day, the installation team set up the Insta-slab and prepared the tank for installation. The Insta-slab, a prefabricated foundation system,

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2-Day Ready to Use
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Rainwater Collection, Backup Water Supply
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14,000 Litre Water Tank Bundle
We are delighted with it. It was so quick and a surprise how fast the inflation was. No hitches. Next morning it was hard as steel.

Hugh Crawford, Blaengors Farm Owner

Sprinkler System Case Studies

Reliable. Maintenance-friendly

14R Bundle can be utilized for the sprinkler system, offering Water Storage capacity, and ensuring a consistent water supply for irrigation. The tank lid can be removed to maintain a lush and healthy environment, and the tank outlet can be customized to meet the sprinkler system.