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Insta Slab

Insta Slab


Welcome to Insta Slab - the revolution in concrete foundations. Crafted with our signature material, Concrete CanvasTM, Insta Slab seamlessly marries the strength of concrete with the adaptability of
fabric. Experience uncompromised structural integrity, even on challenging terrains. Say goodbye to tedious construction processes and hello to a future of efficiency and longevity for your projects.

Insta Slab by Deploy is your go-to solution for a sturdy and long-lasting base for light structures. (Note: Insta Slab is not suitable for replacing structural foundations of houses, buildings, or major infrastructures).

● A strong, reinforced and safe base for water tanks and sheds


● Save time and money with an easy installation by just 2 people


● Streamlines the process of building a concrete slab


● Will never need replacing, with an expected lifespan of 120 years


● Can be stored indefinitely – no more working around contractors' availability


● Significantly less water and wastage compared to traditional concrete slabs


● Strong enough for light vehicles like cars, vans and ATV's to drive over


The Insta-Slab is an affordable, easy to install concrete pad that doesn’t require major excavation or specialist tools. It is designed for the Deploy 14,000 litre concrete tank, but can also act as a great base for sheds, greenhouses and other installations. It is made from a special 8mm thick PVC and concrete filled fabric, developed and manufactured in the UK.Traditional concrete slabs require lots of planning, the installation is demanding, and relies on the availability of contractors and equipment. The costs and time commitment also vary widely due to ease of access and cost of labour. The Insta-Slab, in contrast, can be installed by 2 people with commonly used tools. It is delivered rolled up, so you can get it almost anywhere and can be held in storage, ready to go as soon as it's needed.The unique concrete canvas material is very strong cementitious composite barrier – 28 days after setting it has compressive strength of 80 MPa or 815 kgf/cm². It has also been tested to be completely water tight.

How do I install it?

Unlike traditional concrete bases, the Insta-Slab doesn't require a hardcore sub-base, just a layer of sand instead. It also doesn't require a wooden frame, membrane or even a cement mixer. The sand layer must be as level and compacted as possible. Walking over the sand base (or the slab whilst it's setting) will result in permanent uneven dips in the slab.

There are just 3 steps for installation:


1. Ensure the designated installation area is level and a 2 to 5 cm deep bed of compacted sand. Allow approx.1 foot either side of the slab


2. Unfold the slab and ensure it is flat and level. Fix the slab to the ground using the included metal edge pieces and ground pegs


3. Irrigate the slab (a hose pipe works best). It requires 3.5 litres of water per square metre


You then need to wait at least 24 hours for the concrete to set. You can then place your water tank or shed.

Pegs and edge protector pieces are included with the Insta-Slab. Please contact us if you plan to install the slab on a concrete or rock surface, and we can supply masonry bolts for ground fixing.


Installation Service


The Insta-Slab is designed to be very easy to install, and doesn't require specialist tools or skills. However, we can usually provide an installation service for the 4, 5 and 6 metre sizes – please contact us for a quotation or more information.

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