Deploy facilitates the rural sector to access water storage infrastructure by delivering an effortless solution.


We provide an affordable and more sustainable option, as well as a product designed for easy transportation and maintenance.




70% less CO2 

Deploy generates 70% less CO2 emissions compared to conventional concrete tanks due to the material properties and having a wall thickness of 6 mm. This makes us the most sustainable water tank available for our specific capacity.  


Deploy is less than 600 kg when it is packaged. This reduces 90% of the CO2 emissions accounts for transportation. 


Conventional concrete tanks use considerable amounts of cement, gravel and sand. They weight approximately 14.64 tonnes, more than the weight of a London bus.


90% less CO2 

In addition to various materials, concrete tanks require 875 L of water to be built. 

Deploy requires 216 L of water which reduces more than 75% of the water needed.


75% less water 



Water Storage

easy to store.png

Easy To store

Deploy is folded and packed in the manufacturing line.

easy to transport.png

easy to transport

Deploy has major advantage in transfer compared to conventional solutions since roads to rural areas making transportation extremely hard.

easy to deploy.png

Easy to deploy

Deploy has DIY approach for installment. Conventional concrete solutions need intense labour force and more than 20 days of build process. It takes 2 people and 24 hours for Deploy.

easy to maintain.png

Easy to maıntaın

Our DIY approach makes a huge difference here. Deploy requires plastic repair over time, which is less expensive and can be done easily by the community itself.