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Deploy provides game-changing innovation in water management, developing the first-ever flat-packed, air-deployed, and ready-to-use concrete water tank, manufactured with a concrete-filled fabric, that is revolutionising the infrastructure industry. Thanks to our material combined with a thorough structural analysis, we have been able to replace 150mm wall thickness of conventional concrete with just 6 mm. This represents substantial reductions in the generation of CO2 and water usage, turning DEPLOY into the lowest embodied carbon product in the market. Also, our patent-pending technology on foldable and inflatable containment infrastructures, plus the no-needed-for-a-concrete base makes it the first of its kind in the water tank ecosystem.


At Deploy, we strongly believe in creating an impact in rural areas around the world that have been neglected for so long.  We would like to have team members that believe in our mission of making this world a better place by the use of our technology.

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You believe that the high impact, product and user-focussed sustainability of an early-stage start-up is the right place to unleash your potential.

You’d like to apply your creative thinking to the continual improvement of our manufacturing processes. You love finding smart ways to solve hard problems, and always favour simple solutions over complex ones.

We would love to hear from you if:

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Design of the manufacturing line for the water storage unit. You will work alongside the CTO (Beren Kayali), with whom you will address: 

    • Manufacturing process, process layout, crane system, hoist system, and quality control.

  • Building/implementing the manufacturing line

    • Production line, crane system, hoist system, implementation of tooling including geomembrane welders, cutting tools, forklifts, packaging onto pallets.

  • Design, prototype and build custom tools for manufacturing

Purpose of the Role

We are looking for a team member who is ambitious, hard-working, and willing to learn new skills. At Deploy, we are developing the product and the manufacturing line in parallel. Both projects will be run by the R&D Engineering Lead, since the quality and functionality of the product depends directly on the manufacturing line.

Less Frequent Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Build 3D models of Deploy’s water tanks and simulate performance

  • Establish a quality control system

  • Establish a real-conditions, performance testing system


The required training to use the welders will be given by the company.


Health & Safety: We are using cement-infused fabric and hot plastic welding processes.

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How Success is measured at Deploy?
What are the potential role development opportunities?
What will I be doing at Deploy?
What are your requirements?
What essential skills/requirements are you looking for?

How Success is measured at Deploy?

We have 2 metrics to measure success within the role

  1. We will set milestones and define projects related to the responsibilities and tasks explained before. These milestones are assessed monthly or quarterly depending on the complexity of the project.

  2. We will evaluate the efficiency and performance of the outcomes with quantitative and qualitative markers such as the number of tanks manufactured and passed the quality checks per week, the number of defects in each product, manufacturing time per tank, and aesthetics of the final product. 

What are the potential role development opportunities?

This is our first hire and we are interested in people that want to stay with us for the long run. As the company grows, our engineering team will grow and you will be able to manage and orchestrate the evolution of our production line. Our vision is to expand our production line and our range of products every year, creating exciting new challenges as we grow. This is a massive opportunity for someone that wants to be a leader and get involved in a sustainability and social impact company.

What will I be doing at Deploy?

  • Within 3 months

    • Design, build and implement a production line pilot

    • Manufacture ready-to-market 40,000 litre water storage unit

    • Prototyping new products

  • Within 6 months

    • Production line running with a capacity of at least 10 tanks a week

    • High fidelity Quality Control system and performance testing system

    • Prototyping new products

  • Within 12 months

    • Production line runing with a capacity of at least 20 tanks a week

    • Launching new products to market (10,000 litre and 20, 000 litre tanks)

What are your requirements?

  • Mechanical Engineering/Manufacturing Engineering or similar degree

  • Based or happy to relocate in Cardiff or close to Pontyclun, Wales

  • Advanced in CAD, Solidworks and similar tools and experienced in CAM

  • Forklift license and experience

  • Interest in either Construction/Agriculture/Drinking Water industries

What essential skills/requirements are you looking for?

At least 3 consecutive years working in any manufacturing company

Experienced in Stress-Strain, Load Analysis, and digital simulation

Experienced in Structural design and Finite Element Analysis

Experienced in designing manufacturing processes (eg. plastic welding)

Had to solve manufacturing problems in a regular basis

Familiar with geotextiles/geomembranes or lining solutions

Handy and have no issues getting some cement on your clothes 

How much salary should I be expecting?

£35,000 - £50,000 per annum and option shares.

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